Real estate

The services of the legal office include assistance in real estate purchase and sale transactions. We prepare and negotiate real estate agreements. The legal  office helps in secure acquisition of real estate based on a comprehensive due diligence, in particular to check the legal title of existing owners and perpetual usufructuaries as well as claims of third parties. We help in completing all the necessary formalities, in particular related to obtaining administrative permits.

We represent the client before state and local government administration authorities. We represent clients in proceedings regarding, inter alia, acquisitive prescription, abolition of joint ownership of the property, division of the property, agreement on the contents of the land and mortgage register, protection of property, release of property, restitution of property rights and restoration of the previous state, entry into the land and mortgage register of ownership, establishment and removal of property encumbrances, including limited property rights on real property (mortgage, easement, use). We prepare and negotiate lease contracts for residential premises, utility premises, lease agreements, termination of contracts, preliminary agreements for the sale of real estate.

The legal office also deals with matters related to property expropriation and reprivatization, providing legal assistance to both former property owners affected by the nationalization processes and their legal successors, as well as current owners (users) of such properties.