Industrial and Intellectual Property Law

Wach & Wach law firm advises its clients on the acquisition and protection of intangible assets. We particularly advise on the subject of copyright, industrial property law, here inside, trademark, invention, and also, right on databases, domains and IT.

The experience of our lawyers allows efficient protection of industrial property in commercial volume. The protection of industrial property also allows to establish it in the appropriate position in the investment process, and also, creation of mechanisms that accelerate the development of our client, to which the principal activity is based on intangible assets.

Wach & Wach represents its clients in administrative, civil and criminal proceedings concerning industrial and intellectual property.

Our lawyers cooperates with patent agents and advise on the matter of protection in the matter of industrial and intellectual property law, especially in trademarks, representing clients before the Patent and Trademark Office, European Union Intellectual Property Office (OHIM) and before other institutions.

Wach & Wach has experience in e-commerce and in the field of legal issues related to the Internet, including cyber-crime.

We advise on the matter of avoiding unfair competition, especially in the protection of undisclosed know-how and business information (trade secrets).

Wach & Wach also provides services in the field related to the protection of personal data.

Typical services:

  •   advice on acquisition and transmission of intellectual and industrial property rights,
  •   preparation of contracts on acquisition and transmission of intellectual and industrial property rights,
  •  licensing,
  •  representation of clients in negotiations and litigation related to the infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights, including judicial and arbitral proceedings.
  •  protection know-how, of commercial and business secrecy,
  •  protection of personal property,
  •  legal protection of internet domains.