Family Law and Inheritance

Wach & Wach legal office deals with cases in the field of family and law of protection, approaching them with appropriate discretion and understanding, we support the client in finding the best solution for him in the situation where he found himself. The legal office in relation with the progressing globalization has opened itself to the issue of international family relations and in this area deals with matters regarding, among others: recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, international contacts with children, European and international enforcement of maintenance obligations.

Typical services:

  • divorce
  • separation
  • annulation of marriage
  • division of assets
  • contacts with a child
  • parental rights (restriction, deprivation)
  • alimony (establishing, changing, repealing)
  • intercranse (matrimonial property agreements)
  • compulsory property regime
  • judicial consent for legal actions

Wach & Wach legal office also deals with matters relating to inheritance law.

Typical services:

  • confirmation of inheritance acquisition
  • division of assets
  • collateral for a decline
  • acceptance or rejection of inheritance
  • testament
  • statutory inheritance
  • legitim
  • inheritance debts