Criminal and criminal-tax law

The legal office Wach & Wach  provides clients their representation in all types of proceedings and at all stages: pre-trial investigation, criminal proceedings, penal and fiscal proceedings as well as executive proceedings. Entrusting the matter to the Wach & Wach, the client can count on full discretion and professionalism combined with compliance with all requirements arising from the law and ethics of the profession. The legal office pays special attention to provide clients with assistance at an early stage of the pre-trial investigation, noticing the importance of this phase of the criminal process for the possibility of effective representation of the client in the proceeding at a criminal court. We participate in the interrogation of a detainee at the Police or the Prosecutor’s Office. We participate in the Court’s meetings regarding the examination of the Prosecutor’s request for the use of pre-trial detention. We represent the aggrieved party at every stage of the proceedings. We make complaints against the prosecutor’s decisions to discontinue or refuse to initiate an investigation. We deal with the preparation of private and subsidiary indictments, appeals and other pleadings. We represent the accused, the auxiliary prosecutor and the civil plaintiff in the Court proceeding. We also provide legal assistance after the decision has become final (extraordinary appeals, enforcement proceedings). 

We are distinguished by the fact that we are ready to take immediate action in crisis situations, in which undertaking immediate effective intervention for the client often determines later course and directions of the proceedings.

The legal office specializes in proceedings in the field of commercial criminal law (white collar crimes) and in proceedings regarding liability for medical malpractice.