Commercial Law

In our opinion, professional legal advice in commercial law allows you to organize and carry out business activities efficiently and minimizes the legal risks of the company and its partners in the management of it.

Therefore, we offer comprehensive legal services in commercial law for companies, including the creation, continuous support, transformation and dissolution of any type of mercantile companies, as well as branches of foreign companies, cooperatives, foundations and associations.

In the stage of the creation of new mercantile companies, the Wach & Wach law firm prepares constitution projects and statutes of the companies created in Poland and Spain, all the necessary documents for the opening of the company, branches or representative offices and provides representation in the procedures before the Registry. We prepare partner agreements and other internal documents that regulate their operation. In addition, the firm cooperates with tax advisors, who can help select the most appropriate legal form of the activity projected for the client.

The Wach & Wach law firm provides continuous support in the field of the corporate aspect of the companies, as well as the preparation of draft resolutions of the company’s bodies, our lawyers assists in the partners or shareholders’ meetings. Our attorneys represent the shareholders and partners in the general and extraordinary meetings.

The Firm advises and represents the entrepreneur before the Mercantile Registry in the procedures for the different modifications of the company, such as the changes in the contracts and statutes of the companies, expansion or reduction of the share capital, as well as the appointments and revocations in the faculties of the attorneys-in-fact (proxies) in company.

We provide consulting services in the acquisition, mergers, restructuring and liquidation of companies, the provision of legal advice in the restructuring processes, the analysis of the prior legal situation (due diligence), and preparation of project documents required during the restructuring. We represent the client in the transformation procedure, the division and the merger before the competent Commercial Registry.

The Wach & Wach law firm cooperates with tax advisors when planning transactions services structures, sale of shareholdings and shares (share deals), asset deals, purchase by management (MBO), as well as the negotiation of agreements between partners and potential new partners. We offer share issuance services and capital increases and debt instruments in the stock and OTC markets.

The Wach & Wach law firm, in terms of liquidation or reorganization, provides support to companies in bankruptcy proceedings, which require legal assistance to make an agreement or liquidation in accordance with applicable regulations.

In summary, we offer legal support for any aspect related to companies, whether for the incorporation, support, transformation or dissolution of the company or for all matters derived and related to company law.